Karotene COVID-19 Publications Search Engine Launch Slated for July 2020
The Karotene powered search solution for COVID-19 research publications will launch for public use in July 2020. The search solution will also feature a graph embeddings based retrieval approach for relevant medical codes developed by Synaptiq.
June 25, 2020WEBINAR
Karotene and Synaptiq discuss COVID-19 research progress and milestones in a webinar
Karotene participates in a panel discussion on a Synaptiq webinar. The webinar discusses progress and milestones for the COVID-19 research collaboration between Karotene, Synaptiq and independent contributors.
April 7, 2020WEBINAR
Karotene and Synaptiq talk research ideas for COVID-19 collaboration
Karotene and Synaptiq webinar on the vision, goals and prospective areas of research and innovation as they embark on a collaborative effort to contribute to COVID-19 resolution efforts.
March 30, 2020ARTICLE
Karotene and Synaptiq Begin Collaborative Effort to research for the COVID-19 pandemic
Karotene and Synaptiq outline the vision, goals and prospective areas of a collaborative effort for research and innovation to contribute to COVID-19 resolution efforts.
November 30, 2019ANNOUNCEMENT
Karotene Graduates from the ETC Pioneer Baltimore Program
Karotene graduates from the Fall 2020 ETC PioneerBaltimore cohort. We have pivoted to a AI-based platform capable of servicing knowledge discovery needs across business verticals. The result, a significantly larger addressable market.
November 15, 2019NEWS covers Karotene at the Innov8md Baltimore and beyond conference
Karotene was at the Innov8MD Baltimore and Beyond Conference. Akshay Peshave talks to about Karotene's vision and value proposition.
May 1, 2019NEWS
Karotene in top-3 startup ideas at UMBC CBIC 2019
Karotene places in the top-3 startups at the 2019 UMBC Cangialosi Business Innovation Competition. Read more about the value proposition, business idea and future plans for Karotene.